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Roanoke Review, forthcoming

Ghost City Review, forthcoming

Kitty Savior, Maudlin House, March 2023

Kiss the Sea Cucumber, Passages North, February 2023

Promoted from Within, Mid-Level Management, January 2023

So Much Love to Give, Malarkey Fiction, January 2023

Apocalypse Dreams While Cashiering at Wild Oats, Harpy Hybrid, Dec 2022

Take the Bus Home, Autofocus, Dec 2022

Driving in the Desert, Gastropoda, Oct 2022

Good at Math, Serotonin, August 2022

Sea-Monkey God, Ethel Zine, Vol. 9 Winter/Spring 2022

Beach Babe* X-R-A-Y, May 2022

Closing Manager, South Dakota Review, 2022

Who’s the Cap’n Now, Rejection Letters, Feb 2022

Butter Coffee, Thin Air Magazine web feature, Feb 2022

Look at Us, Variant Literature, Issue 9, Winter 2022

Pear Rust, The Elpis Pages Collective, Dec 2021

Hush Money, Door Is A Jar, Issue 21, Dec 2021

Mixed Messages, Monkeybicycle, Nov 2021**

Melusine at the Water’s Edge, Newfound, Oct 2021

Come Down, Overheard Lit, Issue IV: Dream Walking, July 30, 2021

She That Is Giddy, The Daily Drunk Mag, July 7, 2021

Rawhide, Hungry Ghost Magazine, Issue One: The Turquoise Kitchen at the Centre of the Earth, Summer 2021

Smooshie, Sledgehammer Lit, June 1, 2021

Intuitive Reader, King Ludd’s Rag No. 5 from Malarkey Books, May 2021

Keepsake, Paragraph Planet, Feb 23, 2021

Radio Signals, Iris Literary Journal, Fall 2020

Going Nowhere, The Nonconformist, June 2020


Review of Tell Us When To Go, The Masters Review, Sept 2022


*Longlisted in Invisible City‘s CNF Flash Contest 2021

**Best Microfiction nomination 2021


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